Half Marathon &

2-Person Relay


  • Half marathon and relay start at 7:15am

  • Half marathon cut off time is 3:30 (16 minute mile pace)

  • MN Run Series paces will support you on the run

  • USATF certified course

  • Chip timed

  • Training plan coming soon!

  • Results from previous years

  • Visit the Race Day Info page for schedule and parking information

relay instructions

2-Person Relay Instructions

Both runners will receive a race bib with sequential numbers, make sure each runner wears the race bib. This will be used to identify your partner as they approach the exchange zone.


At the exchange zone the runners will tag off their partner. The second runner will complete the second half of the 13.1 distance while the first runner takes the bus to the finish line.

Relay consists of TWO runners. The first runner will begin at the start line at Upper Landing Park, while the second runner will ride a bus and b e transported to the exchange zone. 

Runner 1: Start time 7:15 am at Upper Landing Park and run 6.25 miles to exchange zone.


Runner 2: Load bus between 6:30 am at Eagle St and Shepard Rd and is transported to exchange zone. Bus will leave at 7:05 am. You may bring  a bag with your warm ups and teammates post run clothes. You will be able to wait on the bus until teammate arrives at exchange zone. Make sure to have a ballpark time of when to expect your teammate for a smooth exchange.

Exchange Instructions

Runner 1 approaches the exchange zone and tags Runner 2.

Runner 2 runs to the finish line.

Runner 1 takes the bus back to the finish line to cheer on Runner 2.


*Exchange zone bus will leave at approximately 8:30 am and 9:10 am from exchange zone to the finish area.

*Details are subject to change. Please refer back race week for final d etails!


Meet your pacer in the start corral 20 min before race

Finishing times










water stops

#1 - Mile 3.25 - Shepard Rd & Elway

#2 - Mile 5.5 - Shepard Rd & Elway

#3 - Mile 7 - ICE - Shepard Rd & Randolph

#4 - Mile 8.5 - ICE - Shepard Rd & Eagle Pkwy

#5 - Mile 9.5 – ICE - Lower Landing

#6 - Mile 11 – ICE - Warner/Childs

#7 - Mile 12.5 – ICE - Lower Landing

#8 - Finish Line - ICE - Shepard road east of Ontario

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