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2 Person RElay

Half Marathon 2 Person Relay

Relay consists of TWO runners. Both runners will receive a race bib with sequential numbers.  The first runner will begin at the start line at Upper Landing Park, while the second runner will hop on a bus that will take them to the “tag zone”. Once the first runner reaches the “tag zone”, they will tag their partner. The second runner will complete the second half of the 13.1 distance while the first runner hops on a bus and heads to the finish line.


Click here for 5 week training plan that starts on July 2




Start time Runner 1: 7:15am and runs 6.25 Miles to X-Change zone


Relay Bus leaves at 7:05am from Eagle and Shepard road.


Runner 2: Load bus between 6:30am - 7:05am. Bus will leave at 7:05am from pick up site at Shepard Rd and Eagle St. (see map below) and transport you to the X-Change Zone. X-Change with partner then run 6.85 Miles to finish. 


Bring a bag with your warm ups and teammates post-run clothes. You will be able to wait on the bus until teammate arrives at X-change zone. Make sure to have a ballpark time of when to expect your teammate for a smooth exchange.


X-Change Instructions


Runner 1: Runs the first leg to the 6.25 mile mark then tags partner.


Runner 2: Runs 6.85 Miles to finish line at near Upper Landing Park.


Runner 1: Takes bus to finish at Upper Landing Park to meet partner. Busses will leave at approximately 8:30am and 9:10am from x-change zone to the finish area.